FAQ: Why Should I Buy My Event Ticket in Advance?

To keep the good times going, there’s almost always an upcoming OBC ticketed event. Sometimes a herd of party animals sells out a show quickly. Other times, ya’ll seem to stay in shape by running from commitment.

So why should you buy a ticket in advance?

  • Most likely, buying at the door is going to cost you more. Totally an incentive tactic, to be honest.

  • If you want a seat to catch your breath after joining in an impromptu conga line, we need an idea of how many chairs to rent.

  • Food trucks are a fun way to try culinary innovations, right? If we know how many tummies we have to fill, we can make certain that we have enough vendors on site to prevent long lines and hangry.

  • Your order indicates what kind of events you like. High-count guest list numbers for The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos tells us to keep bringing those guys back. If we book a death metal band and the lead singer’s mama is the only person to buy a ticket, we know that’s not your jam.

  • An enthusiastic community will bring more “Whoa, I can’t believe they’re playing in Greensboro” musicians. To booking agents, the size of the audience matters more than the size of the town.

And, finally, this is from our Team OBC heart: You guys have supported us from the very beginning. When all we had was photos of a building with dirt floors and a collapsing roof, you said “Yes!” and bought a t-shirt! As the Brewery grows, buying event tickets for you and all your favorites is one of the best ways to let us know that you’re still excited and proud.

The Andrews Brothers-- arms up.jpg
Leslie Tillery